Low-income drivers in electric vehicles, applied by a Boston car – sharing service

Low-income drivers in electric vehicles, applied by a Boston car – sharing service

Good2Go’s small fleet of electric vehicles provides hygienic, affordable transport options for customers who cannot afford their own car and unreliable public transport.

The Good2Go service is one of the most unique business concepts in the country. For the benefit of society, the company strives to eliminate carbon emissions. The service also focuses on providing low-income residents of Roxbury a trustworthy, safe, and affordable travel option.

So far, the vehicle at Good2Go includes 4 Nissan Leafs (2019) and dozens of beta testers. A few of the services provided include:

  • Using the cars to commute to work
  • Commute for their children (School, tuition)
  • Running errands

Susan Buchan (Director of energy projects at E4TheFuture) will operate the new service. In competition with Zipcar, the Good2Go service also helps users rent their vehicles on an hourly basis. The process is simple and easy which is specified below:

  1. The driver needs to pick up the car from the pickup point
  2. Complete the time as specified with the driver’s purpose of the rental
  3. Return the vehicle to the same place

The company aims at giving an advantage to users by offering a personal vehicle without the hassles of logistics and costs involved in car ownership. However, Good2Go is shifting focus to provide a car-sharing model considering the environmental impact. With the user of electric vehicles, there is a direct impact on air quality.

The pricing model at the service is income tiered which is their USP. Low-income customers pay USD 5 / hour however, the standard rate is double i.e., USD 10 / hour. Eligibility to quality under the reduced rate tariff includes enrolment in any of 20 public assistance programs. The company strives to be as inclusive as possible.

Roxbury Community College has 2 such electric vehicles parked. In addition, the other 2 at Nuestra Communidad (local community development center). Once the charging infrastructure is installed, a third-party parking hub is to be added at the municipal lot. The process is running late due to the pandemic.


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