A blech from Uranus

A blech from Uranus – The strangest thing ever!

The more depth studied on Uranus from scientists, the stranger it gets. The latest mystery adds to the planet’s repertoire. Astronomers detect X-rays from the strange world and some signals reflect emissions from the sun and appear to come close from the planet itself, as per NASA. In 2002 and 2017, Chandra’s X-ray Observatory by NASA analyzed observations of Uranus.

Many solar system objects emit X-rays which include everything from Venus to Saturn to moons of Jupiter. From the solar system’s planet list, Uranus and Neptune miss the list. The team of astronomers draws to study Uranus in X-rays since the planet’s alignments are jumbled. The planet lies on its side and the axis of its magnetic field is akimbo from the orbital plane and spin axis. The skewed axes may trigger complicated auroras which may emit X-rays.

The scientists decide to dig into the scant Chandra observations of Uranus – which includes three segments’ data from August 2002 and November 2017. The observations come from different instruments on the telescope and hence in the 2017 data, it is difficult for researchers to track clearly which X-rays come from the planet.

The scientists seek more observations so that analysis is concrete. However, according to researchers, both patches of data appear to show X-ray emissions from the strange planet. An observation from researchers suggests the various X-ray detections include from Uranus rather than the sun. This might explore the new phenomenon.

When charged particles from the sun hit Saturn’s rings, there is the production of X-ray fluorescence. However, this might be the same for Uranus’ two sets of rings. X-rays might come from Uranus’s auroras, as on Jupiter which scientists negate on them triggered from the auroras themselves. Scientists are hopeful that future observations by Chandra might help them determine the happening at Uranus.


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