Senate approves NASA endorsement act

Nelson drifts all the way through NASA official ratification hearing

The Biden government’s nominee for NASA director is Bill Nelson. He got a welcoming response from ex-colleagues on the Senate Commerce Committee. This is during a ratification hearing on 21st April, however, offers few details about how he would operate the organization.

During a hearing that took more than 2.5 hours and consists of two other non-NASA nominees. Legislators of both sides convey their encouragement for Nelson. Ex-Florida legislator who formerly was the top Democrat on the committee. No representatives indicate any sign of dissenting his nomination to take the lead of the space organization.

The nearest thing to a point of opinion in the hearing was the latest NASA award of a deal to SpaceX for the Human Landing System (HLS) program. NASA declares on 16th April that it grants a single “Option A” deal for the advancement and presentation of a crewed lunar lander. This is because of limited budgets, after earlier suggesting it would select two firms to maintain a rivalry.

Blue Origin also bid on the HLS Option A competition is headquartered in Kent, Washington. Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) who is the chair of the committee said, “I have to say I was stunned last week about the HLS expansion agreement.”

After Nelson’s opening comments, Cantwell askes Nelson to agree to, “quickly delivering Congress with a plan” in order to deliver resiliency in the program. According to Nelson, “competition is always beneficial.”

On 16th April, at a conference about the HLS award to SpaceX, a NASA representative said the following:
  • They plan to quicken the competition for the next stage of the HLS program
  • Acquiring lander services for the viable stage of the Artemis program
  • It will be a full-and-open competition, permitting firms other than SpaceX to compete
  • Without the financial backing for lander expansion that SpaceX is receiving with its Option A accolade
  • The award value is $2.89 billion

Nelson supports that tactic, quoting the clarification NASA gives at that conference. “Those battles will be there, as expressed by the decisive authority on this competition,” he said.

Nelson presents little details about what he may do inversely at NASA on numerous topics. A key topic was one of the ongoing current plans to prevent the stops-and-starts of past governments. Continuity is “very essential,” he says when there was questioning about the significance of ongoing Artemis. Along with its major productions, like the Space Launch System. “It’s very vital to keep this stability moving from year to year.”

The complete Senate Commerce Committee is likely to officially report the nomination to the maximum Senate as soon as April 28.

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