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Recruitment during a pandemic: How Lockheed Martin Space hires 700 plus interns

Lockheed Martin Space hires 2,700 employees along with 700 interns in 2020. A year which is not like any other for human resources executives. Almost immediately, the primary contractor with about 23,000 members switches from its conventional in-person method to virtual recruitment, interviewing, and training.

Debra Werner speaks with Lockheed Martin Space managers as follows:
  • Nick Spain – Vice president (human resources)
  • Renu Aggarwal – Talent acquisition director
  • Heather Erickson – Organizational development director

Discussions include opportunities and difficulties that firms face by the increase in the demand for talent during a pandemic.

Questions asked and the answer by respective managers is mentioned below:

What are the ways that you apply to find new talent?

Response by Nick Spain – We have an extraordinary staff. Our team thinks about college/educational institute hiring and they strengthen relations with schools. We collaborate with various universities too and also have programs for military hiring and strong STEM systems. In addition, we ensure to give people opportunities, be it internships or co-operations. We also inform the headquarters in order to support us to find the talent that we require.

Response by Heather Erickson – In addition, we focus on upskilling our staff. We also have a very thorough training reimbursement program. If our folks are trying to study further, we have policies that support their continual education. Even if it is a full degree or a certification program.

Is there a strong demand for employees with clearances? Also, do you help them obtain clearances?

Response by Nick Spain – We recruit many clear individuals. We also provide processes where clearances are undertaken while they work with us. In the latter case, the employees may accomplish unclassified jobs before receiving their clearance. This includes a huge portion of our workforce at Lockheed Martin Space.

What is the impact on the recruitment process due to the pandemic?

Response by Renu Aggarwal – The transformation in 2020 was huge and challenging. At our company, we undertook in-person interviews. However, to cope with these times we have conducted over 6,000 interviews virtually since last year. We must keep moving ahead from a recruitment viewpoint. College hiring commitments are held in order to ensure no delays in work and to our notice, they remain successful.

Lastly, is there an emphasis on the diversity of the staff?

Response by Nick Spain – Yes, we are definite of that being long waiting. However, our belief is that it is a business essential. The best of the teams has diverse members who hold diverse thoughts. Hence, we create multiple relations with small institutes and minority-serving firms that provide professionals with high qualifications and experience. We also are present in press conferences and accordingly create our business strategies. In addition, we have a chief diversity officer as well as vice president of global diversity in order to give extra emphasis to the diversity aspect. Our hiring and promotion policies include this in the company’s plan.


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