Iceye launches a new wide-area imagery facility

Iceye launches a new wide-area imagery facility

Iceye launches a new product on May 10 which is wide-area Scan imagery that focuses on regions as large as 10,000 square kilometers.

Since Iceye sails the first little synthetic-aperture radar satellites in 2018, the firm builds a range of inventions. This is in order to assist clients to zoom in on particular regions or detect alterations over time. The new wide-area Scan approach expands the region clients can see in a single scene.

“We understood some time before that with our flat-panel, phased-array radars we are capable of scanning very large regions,” says Steve Young. He is Iceye’s vice president for business expansion and sales. “Once we make it work and get the base processing in place, we felt we would announce that as an industrial product.”

The latest wide-area Scan method is prone to request the maritime customers, Young said. “It’s extremely good at identifying ships in very huge areas of ocean and alongside coastlines,” he adds.

When scanning the wide-area Scan approach, Iceye caught SAR images indicating Ever Given, the container ship that obstructed the Suez Canal.

“We got one picture of the entire region,” Young says. “You could calculate all the ships and see the traffic movement. This mode allows you to then enlarge your view, see massive regions and put matters in context.”

While Iceye is commencing to offer pictures of 10,000 square kilometer regions, the firm has worked on collecting pictures of even bigger regions from a single satellite route.

“We’ve performed tests to Scan picture areas as huge as 100 kilometers by 400 kilometers with a single achievement. This is encompassing regions at once that would take other than 1,500 Spot illustrations as a contrast,” says Pekka Laurila. Pekka is Iceye’s chief strategy officer and co-founder.

While acquiring new imagery inventions, Iceye has been expanding swiftly. The firm lately inaugurates the following:
  • Satellite production facility,
  • Research and development laboratory
  • Mission operations center for U.S.- licensed spacecraft in Irvine, California

Iceye is planning to release 10 SAR satellites in 2021, after releasing four in 2019.

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