ESA signs an agreement for Prometheus extreme low-cost reusable spaceship

ESA signs an agreement for Prometheus extreme low-cost reusable spaceship

European Space Agency (ESA) is concentrating hard on developing its private form of low-cost reusable spaceships. This is with their Prometheus and Phoebus exhibition missions. This week, the space firm signs two agreements worth a total amount of EUR 149.5 million (approximately Rs. 1,333 crores). The agreements are signed with ArianeGroup – says will aid Europe’s recent Ariane 6 rocket launcher and also a new invention of European release vehicles.

ESA signs agreements worth the value as stated below with the following:

  • EUR 135 million (approximately Rs. 1,204 crores) for Prometheus
  • EUR 14.6 million (nearly Rs. 130 crores) for Phoebus
Features of Prometheus comprise of the following list as below:
  • Low-cost
  • Full-sized
  • Liquid-fuelled spaceship engine demonstrator meant to surface the way for reusable spaceship engines
Characteristics of Phoebus include the following:
  • Lighter upper phase of the Ariane 6 rocket launcher.
  • It can enhance the launcher’s cargo capability to geostationary orbit by more than two metric tonnes
  • Lower construction costs

A blog on the ESA website quotes Daniel Neuenschwander. Daniel is the ESA director of space transport, stating, “In order to secure Europe’s independent entry to space at reasonable costs, ESA is participating determinedly in the advancement of new tools. These advances are essential in order to be successful at upcoming space transport solutions. The Prometheus reusable machine and the Phoebus upper phase are exceptional examples of this.”

The ESA also states the “two flagship plans” in a tweet on Monday.

The ESA says that six Prometheus engine demonstrators will be constructed for examinations. And originally, two current engine demonstrators will be examined at a German facility and the statistics will be applied to make upgrades.

“The expertise we acquire will allow us to build lighter, much less pricy engines. This will help us in making European rocket launchers ever further competitive and ecologically friendly,” says André-Hubert Roussel.  André-Hubert is the CEO of ArianeGroup.

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