To counter China, President Biden sets up Quad and NATO in pincer

To counter China, President Biden sets up Quad and NATO in pincer

With the disclosure that Beijing tries to discourage Washington from a formation of Quad with the following, President Biden outlines a two-front response. The counter is against China and Russia and the Quad countries include –

  • India
  • Japan
  • Australia

The response shores up Atlantic and Pacific partnerships at the time of his current trip to Europe.

The intention to retain multi-lateral American primacy in the name of perceived twin challenge to the US from Russia and China was expressed in a statement.

At the end of the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, in a press conference, President Biden reveals a Chinese leader mentions –

  • “Biden when elected will re-establish the strength of American relations so that we are in court again.”
  • “Well, however, you should not get the Quad. Meaning that India, Japan, Australia, and the United States must not look to strengthen the European Union.”

However, the above is what President Biden intends to achieve during his visit – to strengthen Pacific and Atlantic partnerships. This is in order to contain China and Russia in a pincer even though they present distinct challenges.

“I have conveyed to every G7 counterpart that the United States is back. The lack of participation earlier and complete engagement makes a significant notice. It is not only by leaders leading the nations but also by the citizens of the G7 nations,” mentions President Biden. This is in the conclusion of the G7 summit.

“The United States is back in action to lead the planet. This is along with countries that share the most of our deeply preserved values. I feel a genius sense of Enthusiasm that the United States is back on the field and is completely engaged,” adds Biden.

In elaboration on the unprecedented multiple references to China in the G7 summit, President Biden releases counters to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiatives. The initiative is known as the B3W (Build Back Better World) partnership. President Biden mentions that the United States is not looking to conflict with China. However, it will react to actions that are inconsistent with global norms.

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