Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft landed the Tianhe space station module

Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft landed the Tianhe space station module

China’s Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft landed in orbit with the Tianhe space station module. This is on Monday (20th September) after the launch from the coastal Wenchang launch center.

A Long March 7 rocket took off from Wenchang at 3:10 a.m. Eastern on 20th September. Tianzhou-3 split from the second stage following 597 seconds, having come into orbit and on track. This is in order to catch up with Tianhe.

Deng Hongqin is the director of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Deng manages Wenchang. He makes a declaration that the launch was a total victory during live coverage.

The Tianzhou-3 spacecraft with a crew completes automatic quick rendezvous and landing maneuvers. This is with Tianhe just under 7 hours later at 10:08 p.m. Eastern. The spacecraft makes use of 6 orbital maneuvers after making orbit. This is in order to approach Tianhe.

Tianzhou-3 is holding the following –
  • Approximately six tons of supplies for the forthcoming crewed Shenzhou-13 task.
  • The cargo comprises mostly of fresh provisions for cosmonauts for what will be China’s lengthiest human spaceflight operation yet.
  • Other payloads include experiments and equipment.

The six-month-long Shenzhou-13 operation will launch from Jiuquan in the Gobi Desert in early October. The spacecraft and its Long March 2F rocket have been in a state of eagerness at Jiuquan for some time in order to allow potential rapid reaction to an emergency in orbit.

The crew is rumored to include one of China’s two women cosmonauts.
  • Wang Yaping – a veteran of 2013’s Shenzhou-10 mission, is in preparation for space station operations.

The Tianzhou-3 operation is the fourth for construction of the Chinese space station. Tianhe, the station’s 22.5-ton first module, was unveiled late April 28 and is presently in a 386 by 380-kilometer orbit inclined by 41.5 degrees.

The following will remain landed with 16.6-meter-long, 4.2-meter-diameter Tianhe (“harmony of the heavens”) until after the arrival of Shenzhou-13 –
  • Tianzhou-2

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