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Commercial flights flying entirely on hydrogen projected for 2024


  • According to ZeroAvia, a prominent aviation company, the deal “designs a concrete timeframe for the development of the first zero-emission commercial passenger flights between the UK and the Netherlands.”
  • When it comes to lowering its environmental imprint, the aviation industry has a numerous obstacles.

Key plans and announcements for the Aviation industry in 2024

2024 plans and announces operation of complete commercial hydrogen-electric flights between London and Rotterdam. The professionals behind the project aim to take the project to the skies.

ZeroAvia aviation company said it was designing and developing a 19-seater aircraft that would “fly entirely on hydrogen”, it said on Wednesday.

The Deal planned by the Association

Cooperation between ZeroAvia and Rotterdam has been formed to collaborate on the project. “The agreement establishes a firm timeframe for the first zero-emission commercial passenger flights between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. ZeroAvia also added “It might also be the world’s first international commercial operation.”

Both the corporation and the Royal Schiphol Group were in “advanced collaboration talks with airlines to agree on an operator for the planned route,” according to the company.

International Energy Agency says that carbon dioxide emissions from aviation have grown rapidly over the past couple of years.” In 2019, the increase surpassed 1 metric gigaton, equating to “approximately 2.8 percent of worldwide CO2 emissions from fossil fuel consumption.”

Aviation is “one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions that is driving the global climate change,” according to the World Wildlife Fund. It goes on to say that flying is the most carbon-intensive activity a person can engage in and hence, environmental impact must be taken into consideration.

The focus of Research and Development by ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia’s research and development is focused on using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors. The company’s six-seater hydrogen fuel cell plane made its maiden flight in September 2020.

Airbus also revealed specifications of three hydrogen-fueled concept planes in the same month, with the European aerospace company stating that they may enter service by 2035.

While some people are excited about the possibility of hydrogen-powered flight, the aviation industry confronts several obstacles in terms of lowering its environmental footprint.

He stated “Certainly, over the next decade… I don’t believe you’ll see any — there’s no technology out there that will replace… carbon, jet aviation.”

“I don’t see the coming of… hydrogen fuels, sustainable fuels, or electric propulsion systems, certainly not before 2030,” he continued. “So it will almost surely be after my airline career is over… but I’m hoping it will arrive before the end of our mortal life.”

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