The Best Christmas Season is coming up, says Ed Yardeni, the Market Bull

The Best Christmas Season is coming up, says Ed Yardeni, the Market Bull

Optimism outlook for the year-end

According to Ed Yardeni, there are no known concerns that would prevent the spacecraft from remaining in orbit past that point. As the month progresses, and possibly even into December, the weather does not improve. ”

There will still be one NASA astronaut on board in the days between Crew-2’s departure and Crew-3’s arrival, which is set for 7:10 p.m. Eastern Nov. 11 if it launches Nov. 10. Mark Vande Hei arrived at the station in April on a Soyuz spacecraft and will stay until next March.

NASA ISS program manager Joel Montalbano said, “That gives me more confidence in our decision to land first before we launch.”

Despite the increase in inflation, he expects people to be willing to spend. Since the past, consumer confidence was low, and pay gains have been wrinkled by inflation,” Yardeni said. “However, the reality is that some of America’s lowest-paid workers are receiving some of the best wage gains they’ve ever seen.”

Speculation by Yardeni

He believes that higher-income workers with large savings are increasing consumers’ ability to withstand inflationary pressures. Stocks will continue to climb, and price pressures will subside after supply chain issues are resolved, according to Yardeni.

“Companies are doing an outstanding job of hammering away at expenses while maintaining profit margins at all-time highs,” he said. “It’s quite impressive.”

The Dow, S&P 500, and tech-heavy Nasdaq all hit new highs this week. The S&P 500 is currently trading at 4,697.53, up 25% so far this year. It’s also 2% short of Yardeni’s year-end forecast.

The market is seen to move faster here

“By the end of the year or the end of next week, I have a 4,800 for the S&P 500.” I’m still figuring out the time. Yardeni, also the author of “In Praise of Profits!” remarked that the market is moving quite quickly here, and then 5,200 by the end of next year.”

Yardeni’s newest ray of sunshine market call on “Trading Nation” came 17 months after his “ray of sunshine” market call. He projected a “very broad bull market” in the middle of Covid-19 lockdowns in Spring 2020.

He now claims that the worst effects of the pandemic have passed the United States. “The economy is performing nicely because healthy population who have been vaccinated.” “It doesn’t look like the epidemic is hindering development of economy,” Yardeni said. “It’s possibly another reason why the market is continuing to rise to new highs.”

Yardeni continues to advocate for stock overweighting. He loves the value mid and small-cap equities provide to investors over the next 12 months. Within the S&P 500, he also recommends technology, financials, and energy. “We’re projecting the bull market to continue,” Yardeni said.

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