One of the United States countries consumes half the oil from the Amazon rainforest: Crude Fact

One of the United States countries consumes half the oil from the Amazon rainforest: Crude Fact

About Yasuni National Park

NATIONAL PARK OF YASUN, ECUADOR — After the morning, bulldozers thunder across this lonely and amazing region of the Amazon jungle, destroying vast volumes of trees.

It’s a spot where endangered white-bellied spider monkeys swing from tree to tree and huge otters patrol the streams. In the dense canopy, colorful diversity of birds estimated to number in the thousands, nest. The ground below is home to around 60 distinct snake species as well as 140 different frogs and toads.

The Yasuni National Park contains one of the world’s most diversified collections of plants and animals. But there’s another kind of treasure beneath this 3,800-square-mile tract of the forest: crude oil. It’s more than a billion barrels.

Oil firms have harvested massive amounts of crude from the Amazon during the last 50 years. This resulted in the loss of rainforests that are critical to mitigating climate change and putting Indigenous tribes in jeopardy.

Now, a state-owned oil company that outsources its field operations to the Chinese is constructing a road to a new set of wells deep within Yasun.

During a boat trip inside the national park, Nemo Guiquita, chief of the Waorani tribe, told reporters, “It kills me to see the little that is left of our rainforest inside this protected area.” “In Ecuador, we should be working to safeguard our rainforest, but unfortunately, more oil concessions are being granted.”

The oil extracted from Yasun and the greater Amazon is exported all over the world, but on average, 66 percent of it ends up in the United States. According to recent research shared exclusively with reporters, the great bulk of it goes to one state in particular: California.

Distribution of the Oil?

According to a survey by environmental groups and Amazon Watch, one out of every seven tanks of gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel pumped in southern California last year originated in the Amazon rainforest. According to the survey, Costco, PepsiCo, and Amazon are among the top 25 largest corporate consumers.

Angeline Robertson, a senior researcher at and the report’s principal author, stated, “This is no longer one of those situations where we’re expected to pity a problem that’s happening somewhere else.” “It’s happening in California, and it’s tied to the loss of the Amazon.”

According to the data shared with reporters, Ecuador is not the only South American country exporting oil from the Amazon, but it far and away dominates the market.

Colombia and Peru were responsible for around 7% of the total volume of Amazon oil shipped worldwide. The remaining 93 percent is made up of Ecuador, according to the research.

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