Cameron Bess opens up on launching with Blue Origin and explains why diversity matters in space

Cameron Bess opens up on launching with Blue Origin and explains why diversity matters in space

Bess on the suborbital trip with Blue Origin

On Saturday (Dec. 11), pansexual Twitch streamer Cameron Bess realised a longstanding ambition of going to space, presenting the chance as a significant representation moment for the LGBTQ+ community.

Bess was one of six space travellers who took a suborbital flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. They flew as one of the mission’s four paid passengers with their father, Lane Bess. These passengers were joined on the voyage by Michael Strahan of “Good Morning America” and Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American in space.

“I’ve wanted to make those who don’t have a place feel welcome my entire life,” Bess, who goes by the Twitch handle MeepsKitten, told Xtra in early December.

They said, “I’m not a hero here; I’m just going for the ride.”

During the Blue Origin NS-19 voyage, Bess travelled into space alongside their father Lane Bess, who is the principal and founder of Bess Ventures and Advisory, a technology-focused venture firm.

The Besses are the first parents and children to fly in space together, and Cameron joins a small group of LGBTQ+ astronauts. They were among moreover 600 spaceflyers who made it to orbit.

Who is Bess and what are his activities?

Bess carried the pansexual flag, as well as a paw to represent the “furry” community, which is interested in anthropomorphic animals, into suborbital space. The list also covers animals that have human-like characteristics.

The new commercial astronaut joins only two other known LGBTQ+ astronauts in space, namely:

NASA astronauts: Sally Ride, who is currently deceased

Anne McClain, who is at present with the corps


Ride’s same-sex relationship was only revealed after her death, whereas McClain’s was made public owing to a legal dispute with her ex-husband.

Bess took part in pre-flight activities, stating she is pleased her father is so accepting of who they are. Posing with the pansexual flag and signing a commemorative postcard with the message “Diversity” are among the activities.

“It’s cheesy,” Bess commented on Twitter about the postcard, “but it’s a positive hope for the future.”

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