Spaceflight announces the launch of 13 payloads on its first multi-orbit space tug mission

The Launch Announcements TAMPA, FLORIDA — On Nov. 9, launch services firm Spaceflight announced intentions to use its new space tug to transfer 13 customer payloads across two orbits for … Read More

Manchin’s former assistant lobbied Congress for oil, gas, and Pharma while he was against Biden’s economic plans

Overview As numerous of President Joe Biden’s former advisers lobby Congress, Sen. Joe Manchin has been pushing to reduce or abolish major aspects of President Joe Biden’s social spending and … Read More

Mynaric selected as ‘strategic supplier’ of space laser communications by Northrop Grumman

Grand announcement by Mynaric WASHINGTON, D.C. — Northrop Grumman picked Mynaric, a laser communications equipment maker, as a strategic supplier on Nov. 1. For Mynaric, based in Germany, the cooperation … Read More